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Cultivate Calm



 It's time to experience a happier, more productive, and more fulfilling way to live.

Get the coaching and training you need not only to manage but to overcome stress, panic, and burnout.


- Say goodbye to unhealthy or self-defeating coping mechanisms that sabotage all areas of your life.
- Learn tried and true techniques to help you self-regulate anger, frustration, stress, overwhelm, panic, anxiety, depression, and more.
- Gain the skills necessary to resolve stress and increase stress resilience.
- Boost your confidence, compassion, patience, and productivity without feeling overworked or pressured to perform perfectly.
- Fine-tune your physical health and stress response.
- Create a happier, healthier version of yourself.
- Increase your intuition, clarity, and decision-making ability.


Go from Surviving to Thriving!

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What Clients are Saying about Peggy's Coaching Programs


"Peggy has changed my life!   She has saved our marriage and helped us to learn how to navigate life’s emotional pitfalls and injuries, sometimes self-inflicted.  I needed a catalyst to change and address my personal issues that were so damaging to my family relationships and that I could not figure out how to address them even after years of professional counseling.    This has been one of the most impactful decisions in my life.  There is much work involved, but that is what makes the program so successful.  Working every day on ourselves to help us be our best selves.  What is that worth??"  ~Anthony, 52


"I have been a student in Peggy’s programs for nearly 4 years, and my life has done a complete turnaround. I started in terrible condition physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was drowning in depression, anxiety, panic, and debilitating health issues, all while raising my family, and was losing hope in being able to heal or have any joy. Each principle taught in her programs has helped me regain my own power in being able to direct my life as I do my part in applying what I’ve learned. I am healing in mind, body, and soul and recovering from years of dysfunction. I have learned how to work through my stress and handle it successfully, and reducing the stress has allowed my body to recover from so many years of illness. I save more money than I spend on my membership because I am more functional, cook at home more, eat out less, discipline myself financially, and manage financial stress better by applying all I’m learning to all aspects of my life. My marriage is improving, and we are healing old wounds we’ve caused each other. My motherhood and parenting are constantly improving, and I’m able to handle the stress of raising teenagers with more ease and fulfillment. My personal discipline has increased, and if I can recover from the places I was by applying these principles, anyone can do these programs and change their life for the better!"  ~Julie, 42


"Fantastic coaching!  If you need help resolving anything holding you back (stress, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, trauma, grief, etc.)  Peggy can help you sort out the web of painful emotions and blocks.  With love and kindness, she can quickly help you see where to work to find the resolution and peace you need to heal.  Decades of depression and anxiety melted away for me after only months enrolled in Success Dynamics Academy and private coaching sessions.  My physical health was completely crashed, too, and I needed to resolve my stress in order to heal.  I have found the help I needed.  I highly recommend her programs and private coaching to bring health and wellness to the mind, body, and soul. "  ~J.D.


"I am a widower of 5 years.  I have six children and four grandchildren, and I work full-time.  I have suffered all of my life with negative beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that have caused me much stress, confusion, depression, and anxiety.  When you work with Peggy, you soon realize that there isn't anything in your life that cannot be resolved.  Entrenched, inaccurate, and self-defeating beliefs can be gently released as new, correct beliefs and thinking patterns open the way for progress, freedom, happiness, and joy.  I have worked with Peggy both privately and in group settings.  I highly recommend Peggy and the work that she does to anyone who seeks healing within themselves.  My life is getting better all the time as I apply the principles that she both teaches and models for me."  ~Bill, 59